Well this is who we are not…the biggest in the business, with the most trips or guides. Not even close. We’re actually a pretty small company making our home in the far southwest corner of the US, San Diego. Experience Cuba Now is most accurately described as a Boutique travel company, one that can specialize in excellent customer service and true person to person exchange for it’s passengers. Our excursions are not designed to be “touristy” as such, and not for those simply looking to ride through the city on a double decker bus taking “happy snaps” up and down the crowded streets.

Can U.S. Citizens Still Travel Legally to Cuba?

Yes if done correctly. If not stiff penalties and or fines may be imposed per the message from President Trump in June of 2017. Our company Director and founding guide, "Cuba" Mike (per the locals), has been leading groups of Americans to this amazing island since 2001 with over eighty trips under his belt. Mike and his very well trained Cuban English speaking staff will make you feel as comfortable and safe as if you have been going to Cuba all of your life. He has successfully guided hundreds of U.S. citizens in and out of this beautiful country resulting in many, many returning clients. Mike and his staff's acute attention to detail coupled with their easy going style will deliver a very well organized, relaxing yet meaningful cultural experience. Again, please rest assured, that when you travel to Cuba with Experience Cuba Now, your itinerary will be 100% Trump legal.

How is this possible?

Experience Cuba Now (ECN) always strives to bring the best of Cuba to you. As a Cuba travel company, we operate on a General License issued through the U.S. Treasury department.

What makes our travel experience unique is our intention. Experience Cuba Now travels into countries with eyes wide open. Our mission is to connect with local people and tell their stories through the visual arts. We discover the gems off the beaten track. We explore the magical places and spaces that are not on the typical tourist itinerary. Experience Cuba Now encourages its travelers to become a local. We unlock the artistic inspiration needed to create personal picture postcards.

ECN offers the opportunity for each client to really become part of the Cuban culture by sharing passion for the Arts of their choice; the opportunity to take meaningful photos of hand to hand interaction with their local counterparts. This is what makes us special. Experience the true culture now, live it, love it.

Tourism, or “Culturalism”, We Know the Difference, Do You?

Legal Sanctioned Travel to Cuba
Our general people-to-people license was issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). Pursuant to section 31C.F.R. § 515.565(b)(2) of the Cuban Asset Control Regulations, this license allows any American who books a trip with ECN to travel to Cuba legally

Cuba MikeCuba Mike
Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba
Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba