Cuba water safety: is it ok to drink?

We like to remind Experience Cuba Now travelers that while Cuba is a beautiful and historic land, it is still a “third world country” and should be considered as such when eating and drinking.

Any food or drink consumed in your hotel or a tourist restaurant will be fine. On the other hand, any food purchased on the street or from smaller “off the beaten path” restaurants or café’s should be done with caution.

Pleased be warned, seriously so, that water is NOT to be consumed unless it comes from a bottle regardless of where you are. It is generally unfiltered and can be very unpleasant to foreigners. We would even recommend not using tap water in your hotel to brush your teeth or swallow pills.

The last thing you would want during your trip is to fall ill because of the water you drank!

Bottled water. Cuba water safety.

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Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba
Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba