Can I use credit cards in Cuba? What payments can be used in the country during the trip?

Great news! As of December 2014, the US government and President Obama have decided to ease sanctions imposed against Cuba under the old US embargo that was created in the 1960's.

The embargo hasn't been ended entirely, but these are some significant changes. When it comes to USA to Cuba travel, here is what it means for you:

  • Travelers to Cuba will be allowed to use American credit and debit cards.
  • Licensed American travelers now have the ability to import up to $400 worth of goods (including up to $100 in tobacco and alcohol).

In addition, we also recommend bringing cash so that you can convert it to Cuban pesos after arriving here. You never know when you'll need cash, and there may be some places you'll visit that do not take credit cards!

Can I use credit cards in Cuba? Experience Cuba Now USA to Cuba travel company

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Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba
Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba