Cuba travel tips: will the locals get along with me?

Historically, the American and Cuban governments haven't done so well together, but the people are a far different story. In general, the Cuban people respect and have a genuine liking for Americans. You'll fit in quite well here! The USA is an indelible part of Cuban history and there are many positive reminders of such (just check out the cars). Many Nationals have American blood due to pre 1959 relations and our current base at Gitmo.

In addition, safety has never been an issue with any Experience Cuba Now passenger. Since our first trip in 2002, we've never had any problems. Our passengers, both men and women, describe this island as one of the safest places they have ever been including their own home town. That being said, plain old common sense wherever we travel should always be applied!

Man staring at map of world. Cuba travel tips

What will the weather be like and what type of clothing should I bring?

Will I need a passport and/or visa?

Credit Cards? Can they be used in country during the trip?

Tell me about the local currency and exchange rate?

Electrical current info and what type of electronics should I bring?

How much spending money should I bring and is emergency cash available?

What is the local language and how much English is spoken?

Will there be cell phone and internet available? Or will my cell and laptop have service?

What Exactly is “People to People” cultural travel?

Will We Have Any Free Time?

What should I wear? What should I pack in general?

What’s the story on Tipping?

What kind of reception can Americans expect from the Nationals?

In case of illness or accident, what are my options?

What about the food and water, safe?

What can I purchase while in Cuba and bring back to the USA?

By What Authority Is Experience Cuba Now Able to Legally Host Trips to Cuba?

Any final recommendations?

Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba
Bruce Byers and WPCE- Cuba