Running and Jogging

Are you one of millions of Americans who share this passion? Is a day not complete until you lace up the sneakers and hit the ground running? Are you always looking for a new and exciting course? Well Experience Cuba Now is the only Cuba travel group that offers running/jogging as a People to People activity. You will have your choice of courses, whether it be the famous Malecon (Sea Wall) route described below, or a park setting where the dirt and grass may be easier on your knees and back.

Accompanying you daily will be a group of Cuban runners sharing with you their experiences and passion. You will be able to have meaningful exchanges regarding the culture of running and how it has recently become such an important part of many Cuban’s lives.

Both Malecon and park courses are approximately 4 miles, but you need not complete the entire distance on any given day. Each early morning or early evening you may choose to run or jog whatever distance you feel up to, as this is not a race or endurance activity. Each day there will be pre run classes incorporating stretching and course preparation conducted at the famous Tai Chi Academy in China Town.

There will be a nominal $75 program cost (for the entire week) for this add-on feature but there is a requirement of at least 10 participants. So if you have a group or club and would like to have this Experience together, it would be great. If not, we will let you know on any given trip if there will be enough runners to include this activity. Outside of running, our standard People to People daily itinerary (The Experience) will be included.

The Malecon (Sea Wall) Running Route
This loop is an easy, flat route of about 4 miles taking in the old town, the Malecon, a bit of their Chinatown and a piece of, well, just real Havana. The Hispanic architecture, most of which went up in the period leading to the revolution that took place in the 60’s, has mellowed to a kind of crumbling colonial charm which makes for lots of eye-catching scenes, so take a camera if you can carry one.

To view this course route, go to

Cuba is a great place for running/jogging due to the weather and amazing scenery. Just send us a message at with your group request and the dates you wish to go. We are very pleased to be able to offer this very special opportunity to those of you that share this passion. Get a group together Now. How many of your fellow runners can say they went jogging in Cuba?

Cuba will be celebrating the 27th yearly running of it's "Marabana" Havana Marathon on November 16th, 2014. Experience Cuba Now will register all trip runners who wish to participate in this once in a lifetime event as part of that week's people to people cultural itinerary. The additional cost to be part of this event is $115; this is a one time fee which is forwarded to the Cuban Marabana committee on your behalf to secure your spot in the race. See this link for further information.

Program Cost: $75 for entire week per person.

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